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"Dedicated to enriching lives and changing the world through giving."

reGivesTM is a growing community of people around the planet interested in saving stuff that still has legitimate use from ending up in landfills. Reduce Reuse Recycle! They do this by offering it up on this site for free and we connect them with someone within their community who still has a use for the item.

reGivesTM is about helping your neighbors but also helping the environment by preserving what we already have rather than just throwing it away. Reuse!

In the United States alone, the country produces several million tons of waste every day that end up in our landfills. Some of this waste no longer has legitimate use and needs to be recycled. However, there are millions of items that end in landfills every year that otherwise could have been used by your neighbor down the road. It's such a waste all around.

After several years of development, our founder Drew Auman launched The reGives Network on October 16th 2011 and we have experienced a steady growth since then that includes hundreds of new communities and thousands of people giving a getting free stuff within their local communities.

Consider the items that are collecting dust in your basement, attic and/or closets. Items that you have no use for. You could take the easy route and throw them away, or you could help preserve the resources we have on this planet and pass the item along to your neighbor who still has use for your item.

Join us today and be a part of it!


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Help us save the planet by visiting a recycling center today or by giving your unwanted items as part of the reGives Network. Be a part of the Reduce Reuse Recycle grassroots movement of people!