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America is going green

Published: Monday, February 06, 2012 by: Drew

I recently took a look at some of the reports that Amazon is putting out about American spending on green related products and I was pleasantly surprised that despite the economic woes in recent years, many American’s are still purchasing green products.  It’s hard to say that this is either due to the potential savings in energy and/or water costs or if most people are really trying to look out for the environment.  None the less, it is still good progress in our movement toward complete sustainability in our carbon footprint that we all have around us.  It’s all about incremental progress that will get us to the finish line.  Have you ever heard of the story of the race between the rabbit and the tortoise?  Looks like America is taking some baby steps.

The first diagram shows how America is going green compared to the national average of purchases, normalized based on the total Amazon units that shipped to each area.  This gives a representation of how the area is performing in terms of their average green purchases related to Water Conservation, Energy Savings, Books on the Environment and other green related products.


The second diagram shows Amazon’s take on how American’s are looking to conserve water through purchases of Watersense products, rain barrels, and books on water conservation. 

water conservation

How is your area of the country stacking up against the average?  It’s interesting to see some trends amongst the areas that are obvious targets for water conservation like Nevada and Arizona to name a few.  But then there are something interesting trends in places like West Virginia that you wouldn’t expect to see the same interest in water conservation.

None the less, this is progress in the war against sustainability.  We should be on a continuous hunt on ways to reduce the carbon footprint that we all have so that we can create a better tomorrow for our children.



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