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How to make your own Compost Bin

Published: Friday, February 10, 2012 by: Drew

Creating your own compost bin might sounds like a lot of work, but if you know what you’re doing, it’s actually quite simple and the benefits that you receive from the effort far outweighs the cost involved.  If you do any form of planting in your yard, the rich soil that you generate from your own compost bin will do wonders for your plants or flowers that you decide to plant.  If you have ever been out looking for a compost bin, you might be surprised by the prices that these containers cost.  However, you are not just left to buy one of these pricey options.  You can build one yourself.  

If you are not convinced, here are some other reasons to compost:

Save some items that you would otherwise throw away and turn your trash into usable rich soil for your garden.  Keep it out of the landfills.

The soil that is produced from your compost bin is rich in nutrients and it will give the food that your plants and flowers need to grow.

Instead of going to buy fertilizers or other chemicals, save money by producing your own nutrients.  It’s also safer for the environment and ultimately safer for you.

It could be an educational opportunity if you happen to have kids.

What can you compost?

Here is a short list of some items you can compost:
- Fruits
- Grass clippings
- Nut shells
- Shredded newspapers
- Egg shells
- Leaves
- Fireplace ashes
- Vegetables
- Coffee grounds

How do you make a compost bin?

Well since we decided that we were going to save some money and make our own, here are a few ways to go about it.  You could just determine and area of the yard in the back that you are going to deem your compost pile.  You have to keep in mind that depending on what you place in your compost, it may give an odor so please keep your neighbors in mind when deciding where to place your compost.   
Growing up as a kid, my dad would build a small chicken fenced area where he would toss yard clippings in and every once in a while he would go back to this location behind our barn and toss the compost.

Another home grown solution that you could use if you don’t have a large amount of land to keep a barrier between you and your neighbor is a basic trash can.  You will want to find one where you can place 20 – 30 holes in the side and bottom of the trash can.  This will give the proper drainage and air to make this rich compost you desire.  In order to keep the composting process going, you will want to go out to the yard and place the trash can on the side and roll it around the yard to regularly turn the compost.

In a number of months you will have that black beautiful rich soil that you desire to give your plants and vegetables a good start at life.



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