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30 Ways to Reuse & Recycle Old or Recalled Baby Cribs

Published: Wednesday, February 15, 2012 by: Drew

With increased government regulations around the safety of baby cribs, parents and day cares around the country are being pushed to throw away millions of baby cribs that are not up to standard any more. But fear not, these cribs do not need to find a home in the landfill. Rather, we have found 30 ideas to reuse repurpose and recycle those old cribs so we keep them out of landfills and prevent them from collecting dust in your basement.

Reuse cribs by building an art desk

Simply take off the front side of the crib, go to the home improvement store and buy some chalk board paint for the desk portion of the crib, add a few accessories and in no time you have yourself a artist space to inspire your children’s minds.

Organize your Scrapbooking and Wrapping room

Depending on the style of crib you have you should either have one side or two sides of your crib that you can pull off and mount to the wall and use as an organization board for all your scrapbooking and wrapping supplies.

Organize your Pantry or Kitchen

If you don’t have a scrap book or wrapping room, consider mounting the side rail in your pantry or your kitchen. By attaching some simple containers, you can open up an enormous amount of storage space for your spices, mixes and other foods and things that are touch to organize in the kitchen as it is. If you have an empty wall, you have an opportunity to install this cute idea in your home.

Reuse your crib for Storage

If you are like me, I stored all kinds of things underneath the crib. When it’s time to give up your crib, don’t give up the storage, instead raise up the bottom of the crib as far as it will go and now you not only have ample storage under the crib, you also can use the space where your baby used to sleep for more storage. 2 levels of storage!

Recycle that old crib and give your winter clothes a place to hang

As spring arrives, your winter clothes need to go. Clean out that closet and give those clothes a place to hang by attaching the sides of that old crib to the ceiling of your basement or an unused room in your home. Your clothes will be less wrinkled and you can give the space needed to the clothes you wear every day.

A place to hang clothes and accessories

Attach one of the side rails to the back of your closet to hang accessories, ties, belts and other things that are taking up space elsewhere. Put one of the rails in the laundry to help organize clothes why you are washing clothes. Use it in a kitchen closet to store aprons and hand towels. The sky is the limit

Recycle Cribs to build Chairs and a Bench

Do you have a handyman in the family that you can lean on to transform that old crib into one of these beautiful pieces? Here are some ideas to get your mind a working!

Reuse the crib and use it as a Plate Rack

Don’t just shove grandma’s beautiful plates in a cabinet somewhere. Display them for the world to see with one of these ideas below.

Recycle Cribs into Chalk Boards

Children love to draw on chalkboards, so why not transform that old crib into one by buying you a can of chalk board paint. Turn that old crib into a place where children can inspire themselves a create.

Reuse the Crib as a place to put Things or Create a Picture Collage

Here are some ideas to get crafty and put together a place to create a spot to put things like family events, picture collages or even artwork.

Recycle your Crib into a Jewelry Organizer

If your crib has springs that the mattress sat upon, this is a great idea to organize all that jewelry that gets all tangled up in your drawers.

Create a Neat Magazine Rack from that Recycled Crib

Here is an idea to hang your magazines or books on in a fun and creative way so you can see what magazines you have rather than stacking them in a corner. It not only serves a purpose, it could even be an art piece in your home.

Build a Table from that Old Crib

Here is an example of putting some old word together with an old crib, add in some paint and with a little craftsmanship, you have yourself a table.

Build a place for your Plants to Grow

Don’t spend money on stakes for your tomato plants, use this genius of an idea and put your old cribs in your garden to hold up all your fresh food plants.

Build a wall to cover up your Air Conditioner

Are you tired of looking at that ugly air conditioner on the side of your house? Use this idea to build a wall, surround it with some natural plants and your ugly air conditioner can no longer be seen.



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